Monday, September 19, 2011


Returning home from Utah after celebrating the life of both my mom and my dad my mind wanders continuously. Although I feel sadden by the loss of each of them, I also feel a great relief knowing they are together again as they should be. Dad left this earth in July of 2010 after a tough battle to stay with his life long sweetheart to the end. Mom's life was filled with love and shared with all she had contact with until it came to an end on September 12, 2011. Dementia and/or Alzheimer's had trapped her spirit in a failing body these past few years but I always knew she was there. Growing up we were taught the importance of family and remaining true to one another. No one ever showed me this more than our parents through their final days, less it be my mothers sister, our aunt Bonnie Boyter. She was here for our dad and her sister both. She remained as close as possible regardless of the miles and distance between them. Our individual families are scattered across the country and our parents and our aunt have left us with a great challenge to remain close no matter the distance between us.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Not Real Good

I thought if I started blogging I would keep up with it. The truth is, I'm not so good at this. Facebook seems much more user friendly and easier to keep up with, especially since all my kids use it. I still spend as much time as possible in my shop and look for things to create. If I had my way I would spend everyday out there doing something. From time to time someone is looking for me to build something for them and I wish it was often enough that I could leave working for someone else. Problem I deal with now is that the majority of the people wishing for something to be built has too quick of a time frame. Maintaining my present job does not allow me the time to turn items as quickly as required. The amount of requests I receive does not warrant me to stop working a full time job.

So as it goes I do what I can when I can. Recently I was clearing out scrap and had some mesquite and oak begging to be used for something other than firewood or trash. Remembering the old paddle style cutting boards, I decided I could turn the pieces into something useful. Grandma's paddle cutting board never looked so dangerous.

Thursday, March 31, 2011


It is almost April and the ending of yet another year for me. Where has all the time gone and who is this grey haired old guy looking back at me in the mirror? It seems like just yesterday I had little ones running up to me when I came home. All of our kids are scattered across the country, now we only see little ones when the kids bring the grand kids for a visit.

 With the passing of dad last year and mom suffering from Alzheimers not knowing anyone, I find myself remembering times passed. I will never forget the closeness we shared as a family. I was truly blessed with the greatest parents ever!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring has "Sprung"

Here in Texas spring has arrived and everything is beginning to turn green. It was time to remove the make shift green house that enclosed our pack porch and open everything back up. The job of taking it down was much easier that putting it up. Hopefully we can salvage and store most of it with no problem until our next cold season. Linda has been working on a humming bird garden which we were able to get into shape this afternoon. The bird bath that was out front has been moved to the back as part of it. She has been on the Internet and researching anything that attracts humming birds and has been busy planting. Only time will tell if we were successful or not. One thing is for certain, if you want something to grow, have Linda stick it in the dirt.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Last Day in Food Industry

Finally finished working through my notice and leaving the food industry. Super stoked and ready for a change. New boss already texting me and telling me we are 120% of budgeted sales for the month with a huge potential customer still to possibly sign. Given approval to hire eight more people in the center and I haven't even started my first day. It looks like my first assignment is going to be interviewing and hiring. I am looking forward to the new challenges from this opportunity.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Not a Patient Man

For those that truly know me, you realize I am not a patient man. I have been working in the food industry since 1982 and if I had it my way I would retire soon. Obviously, that is not in the cards and it has become necessary to seek further opportunities. As I contacted past employers and directors getting my references in order one of them immediately contacted me with an opportunity. This week they are completing the background investigation and if all goes well I should be changing my line of work soon. You just never know what the corporate people are looking at or for so I hold my breath and wait. Hence the title: "Not a Paient Man," I don't wait well.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Seems like this is the place

It seems as though this is the place everyone is going to keep in touch with family and friends these days along with facebook and or twitter. Linda and I are managing to stay afloat even in these trying times. Thank God I have a woman who has been able to put up with me. I went numerous months unemployed and Linda was able to hold things together for us working numerous hours with an on-line marketing company. Just as her job came to an end with them I was finally contacted and hired by a third party logistic company.

I have dealt with off and on depression the same as I always seem to do through these winter months.  I have always wanted to make a living doing something I truly enjoy but it just doesn't seem to be in the cards. I continually work towards honing my skills in woodworking but I just can't seem to market it during these hard times. I have my own website: as well as being listed with

I felt certain there must be some way to get out of working for someone else and out on my own. Trying to grow it is extremely hard, there are so many time constraints. The "job" you need to sustain your life takes away the time you need to work what you truly enjoy. For now it remains a hobby and I do what I can for those that ask.